Unprecendented possibilities

The mARk software from deLight enables you to create a virtual experience. This is an advantage in situations which make it difficult to describe in words how an as-yet non-existent situation will eventually look in reality. Thanks to the advanced and user-friendly character of our mARk software, viagra 100mg you can take your customers or colleagues along with you to this new world, as it were, in an intuitive and relatively easy manner. You will be able to present them with extremely realistic images.

mARk applications

BMW in the spotlight


With the aid of software and projection techniques developed by deLight, BMW hopes to be able to elevate the quality of the entertainment system in its cars to an even higher plane.

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BMW’s know-how in the automotive industry coupled with deLight’s expertise in the field of 3D-software and projection techniques made an excellent match

Science Centre in the spotlight

Science Centre Delft

Thanks to its prominent location, visitors to the main lobby can’t miss the interactive column, co-developed by deLight. Using a joystick, visitors can operate a capsule fitted with a camera that is located in a transparent tube mounted to the ceiling.

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……a practical, innovative and unique device that is ideal for museums and expositions

Examples of applications

Just a sampling from the broad range of applications:

More and more users

The broad application possibilities for augmented reality 3D visualization are unprecedented. More and more users are discovering the benefits of working with our mARk software. From real estate agents to project developers, and from interior designers to medical specialists.

mARk applications - architect

Architects and designers

mARk applications - interior

Real estate- and interiors

mARk applications - gaming

Gaming and entertainment

mARk applications - medical

Medical and engineering

mARk applications - education

Education and science

mARk applications - museum

Museums and exhibitions

Ask for a demonstration

Do you have any other visualization requests? We are willing to bet that our 3D software can also offer a solution for your situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to give you a demonstration of the possibilities, at no obligation.

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Import the 3D models that meet your visualization needs. By then linking the 3D models to markers, you can create the “new world” you have in mind.

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