mARk software

Sometimes words are just not enough to accurately describe a situation that doesn’t exist (yet). The human imagination is simply too limited to form a realistic image.

Three-dimensional visualization using mARk software from deLight offers a solution for these types of situations. mARk makes it possible to visualize a 3D model, recipe product or idea in the future situation.

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mARk has a surprisingly broad applicability, treatment if the variety of industries and professional groups that successfully apply our visualization technology is any indication.

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Thanks to mARk software, for sale you can visualize an as-yet non-existent situation in its virtual form. mARk stands for marker-based Augmented Reality and is derived from the “marker” concept.

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To maximize the 3D experience, it is possible to combine the use of the mARk software with Vuzix 3D-AR glasses or using our interactive table.

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