ARea Experience

Thanks to our advanced interactive table, case you can add an extra dimension to your 3D experience. The table allows you to move objects around in a virtual space, within a 3D spatial design, very easily and intuitively. In addition to the ease-of-use and the speed, using the interactive table offers yet another important advantage. Thanks to its extremely intuitive nature, you can focus all of your attention on your presentation and your meeting partner(s), and this can only have positive effects for the story you’re telling.

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ARea Interactive Table

Applications for

Interior designers and interior consultants

Interior designers and consultants show their clients how the new furniture or wall covering they have chosen would look in the existing interior in their home or office.

Project developers

Before construction even starts, project developers visualize what the completed building will look like (both inside and out) so that potential tenants are able to make a decision in advance.

Urban planners

Urban planners use deLight 3D software to visualize different scenarios for the urban design of metropolitan areas.

Product developers

Using a virtual presentation, product developers can provide colleagues with a fairly accurate idea of the intended product adaptation without having to design and build a scale model or prototype.

Museums and exhibition spaces

Museums and exhibition spaces use deLight 3D software to add an extra dimension to visitors’ viewing experience.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents can provide prospective buyers with an extremely realistic, virtual tour of a home they are interested in, without the buyers having to leave their own home to do so.

How does it work exactly?

ARea experience is applicable to improve 3D spatial design presentations such as architectural design, interior design, landscape design, factory design, urban planning , etc.

Here is the explanation of how the ARea technology works:

  1. Arrange the smart markers on the ARea surface, to arrange and decorate a virtual 3D environment.
  2. The specially calibrated high-tech camera system detects and traces all smart markers on the ARea surface by deLight’s intelligent marker vision technology.
  3. Intuitively ‘walk’ through the virtual space by moving a specific smart marker over the ARea, dedicated as a virtual camera.
  4. You are in full control of all virtual objects. All changes you make on the ARea surface, will be virtually shown in real-time and in 3D.

ARea product advantages

ARea is a unique experience of using mARk software in combination with the deLight interactive table.

By using our advanced interactive table, you can add an extra dimension to your 3D experience. The interactive table allows you to move objects around in a virtual space, within a 3D spatial design, very easily and intuitively.

“Save time in your design process. That’s the power of our technology”


The interactive table is available in two different models, a travel edition and a semi-permanent model. The semi-permanent model is usually purchased for use in showrooms and stores.

Thanks to its ingenious construction, you can set up the travel edition in a matter of minutes. The table comes with a convenient bag, making it easy to take the travel edition along with you to a meeting with a (potential) customer, or with a colleague at a different location.

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FlexAR - interactive table travel edition

Alternate products:


You can order the interactive table from our online store. If you would like to rent the table for a presentation or to use at an exhibition, please contact us so we can provide you with a customized quote.

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