3D projections

Trying out colors and textures using 3D projection

mARk software users can “project” images onto a physical model. A physical model may for example be a couch, purchase table or painting, but also a car. This advanced projection technique makes it possible to easily obtain a good impression of the look and/or effect different colors and textures have on the model. This is very practical since it will allow your customers to experience what a chair or cabinet, for example, will look like in a different color.


Although popular 3D projection techniques already make it possible to project images onto physical models (projection mapping), the effect is lost if it becomes necessary to move the model involved. Thanks to deLight’s patented 3D projection technology, it is possible to move objects while still retaining the desired projection on the model.

Our state-of-the-art 3D projection technology guarantees that the colors and textures from the digital library, projected in the form of a digital layer over the model, will “move” with the model when it is moved. This means that the projection will always fit the contours of the physical model like a glove.

3D projectie animatie

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To set up your own 3D projection system, you can use a standard beamer as long as it emits at least twice as much light as the ambient light. You do need a specific plug-in for your mARk software. Please ask us for advice first before buying a projector.