Maximize your AR-experience

Just working with mARk software is a unique user experience, pill but by using practical plug-ins and smart modules, find you will raise your 3D experience to an even higher level, to the ultimate augmented reality plane. This experience ranges from the 3D printing of models to connections to existing software packages.

Interactive tables

Interactive Tables

With the advanced interactive table, you can add an extra dimension, as it were, to your 3D experience. The table allows you to move objects in a very easy, intuitive manner within a 3D spatial design.

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AR glasses

AR Glasses

Vuzix AR glasses provide you with a handy tool for experiencing how new objects will fit into an existing space in your home or office, for example.

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3D projections

3D Projections

It is possible to project colors and textures onto a physical model. By moving an object, the 3D projection “moves” along with it.

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Customized modules

Module extensions

For highly specialized applications, it is possible to link customized interaction modules or specific if/then rules to your mARk software. It is also possible to develop fully customized software.

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Plugin extensions

There are many interesting plug-ins available which ensure that you will get even more out of working with our mARk software. These plug-ins vary from connections to existing software packages to the addition of extra features for mARk.

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