Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a relatively young specialized field with unprecedented possibilities. We are not exaggerating when we say that this field has the potential to turn the world upside down. Not only figuratively, prescription but literally. By adding the most realistic computer-generated images possible to real impressions of reality, unhealthy an entirely new world can be created. In this world, price the lines between real and virtual are increasingly blurred. deLight Interactive Solutions considers it a challenge to push the boundaries further and further, and together with a team of specialists, works daily on the development of spectacular 3D applications.

Augmented Reality

Principle of AR

Perhaps you are familiar with the concept of “Virtual Reality”. With virtual reality, you “walk” through a virtual world. By wearing special 3D glasses, it seems as if you have landed in a digital world. With Augmented Reality (AR), this is in fact reversed. You stay in the real world and can touch everything, but digital components are added which, when all added up, result in an AR experience. You can view these digital objects by wearing special glasses, or using 3D projections.

Whereas Virtual Reality is often a very expensive process and usually produces unrealistic images, Augmented Reality offers a relatively affordable and believable solution. There are different ways of bringing the digital images to life. Wearing special 3D/AR glasses, for example, which make digital images on small screens visible to the naked eye. In order to make the digital information experience as intense as possible, deLight is also working on making images interactive via 3D projections.

Principe van AR
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deLight Experience

You can create your own deLight experience by linking 3D models to markers, and by determining the desired situation for each marker by adjusting the parameters. You save the results of your work in a deLight-file which others can also play on their own screens – at a different location – using a deLight player.

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deLight experience

Unlimited possibilities

With the advances being made in the state of the art in technology, the application possibilities will only increase in the future. We use our expertise and patents in the field of 3D projection technology to develop

solutions which make the world a better, safer and healthier place. Solutions that enable you to do your work in an even more professional manner, and convince your customers about the benefits of your product.

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